Saturday, February 7, 2009


It's been very slow moving but I finished another piece. Not sure I love this one but I like that it's small and I used some images from an old 1940's fingerprint magazine that I've had lying around for some time. The box is an old slide box like the kind you got from the drug store when you picked up your slides. I also like the idea of using a French title since I speak no French at all and can't possibly know if I am translating it correctly.

The outside of the box depicts and policeman and the word "Authority", while the inside is all criminals. The game seems to be one-sided in a way since the outside of the box can't really be used to effect the game. Maybe you try to match the fingerprint cards with the image of the criminal; an impossible task. The guns are there to represent game pieces but since there is no board, they can't really be used that way. The cards are all individually painted on the back and then laminated.

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