Wednesday, February 4, 2009

and now for something a little different...

When I was growing up it was common knowledge that Yoko Ono broke up the band and blah, blah, blah. It wasn't until I attended a retrospective of her work at the SF MOMA back in 2002 that it really clicked with me that all that is just simply racism and sexism. The fact is that she is and has always been a brilliant and fascinating person and I can see why John Lennon loved her.
She is an amazing and thought provoking artist. When I was in New york last year I made a pilgrimage to Printed Matter specifically because she sells her work there. I ended up purchasing her peace button set because that is all they had at the time. I did not appreciate them until I wore them to a "revolution" themed party.
I also have her book Grapefruit which I wanted for a long time but held out for until I found it used (I am cheap). There were several pieces on exhibit that were interpreted from Grapefruit at the MOMA show. Very cool stuff.
I really wanted to post something about her because she inspires me not only as an artist but a peace activist. It is importanat to stay inspired and not get bogged down. You have to keep moving forward like a shark or you will drown in the water.

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