Thursday, December 11, 2008


I've started using more gorilla glue. Even though it can be challenging due to expansion, I like how strong it is. It can be painted and for some reason I think it's pliable (even though it really isn't).

I used to use more PC-11 but mixing it is a pain and it is lumpy and dries hard as a rock. But, it's stronger than hell.

I like good ol' Elmer's white glue and good ol' wood glue for wood and sometimes paper.

Glue sticks are a staple, I don't care what brand.

While I like "Yes" paste for paper, it comes in gigantic tubs and dries out quickly. Then you have a very expensive paperweight. It is very easy to get rid of any bubbles or lumps though.

Hot glue is only good for children's art projects that you hope will eventually fall apart. Although I do like how it looks when dry and have used it for effect.

I hate crazy glue...enough said.

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